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Villa_Carre.150.jpg Villa Carré
Designer Alvar Aalto
Location Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France
Date 1956 to 1959
Building Type house
Construction System painted brick and travertine stone masonry
Climate mediterranean
Context rural
Architectural Style Modern
Street Address
Notes cleaved sheds with curved ceiling under plane roofs. Also known as Maison Carré, Maison Louis Carré.
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"The house was built for Louis Carré, a well-known art-dealer. The brief called for a family house with hanging space for paintings, while avoiding the appearance of an art gallery. The architect was also required to design the internal details throughout, including furnishings, lamps, fabrics etc., and to plan and design the garden surrounding the house. The house stands at the top of a hill, and has extensive views all around. Internally, it was necessary to vary ceiling heights in order to provide both window and skylight illumination of areas of wall space. Each of the main rooms leads directly on to its own patio."

— Karl Fleig. Alvar Aalto. New York: Praeger Publishers. p184.


The upper part of the exterior is brickwork painted white, while the lower part of the exterior is gray travertine. The roof consists of copper and natural slate



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