Find contemporary bookcases and other architectural products on ArchiExpo.

Archiplanet recommends ArchiExpo, the online architectural exhibition where you can browse through a wide selection of the best architectural products from leading manufacturers including contemporary bookcases, design sofas and pvc flooring.

Design Bookcase

Design Bookcase

Turn your book collection into a focal point by opting for a design bookcase. An original design bookcase may have an innovative way of displaying your collection, it may come in unusual forms, materials and/or be made by a reknowned designer. Whether large/small, wall mounted or freestanding, minimaliste or Bauhaus, finding an original piece for your workspace, or home environment, is made easier with our site.

Modular sofa

Modular Sofa

For those who require flexible furniture which can be reconfigurated in a number of different ways, a modular sofa may be the answer. Modular sofas may be especially useful for entertainment or hospitality spaces, because they can be rearranged to suit the function or number of guests. While more orthogonal designs may be great for fitting into compact rectilinear spaces, an organic shaped modular sofa may add a fun or unusual focal point to larger rooms.

vinyl floor

Vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring is popular in both domestic and commercial uses due to properties such as its impact resistance, ease of maintenance, as well as its wide range of forms (e.g. tiles or rolls), colours, patterns and finishes. It may be especially designed for spaces such as sports centres or healthcare facilities. Ensure the type chosen meets the relevant building regulations and consider the importance of caracteristics such as ease of maintenance, longevity, recyclability and level of VOCs.

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